Titus 3: 1–8

Give thanks to God because he provides for us all good things.


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Sunday, November 13, 2016
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Brian Edgerly: The birth of my children was the turning point that led me to a spiritual- and life-changing breakthrough. With the focus no longer on me, I was forced to evaluate my life and choices.  In light of this self-reflection, I was convicted of a long-standing addiction that was insidiously wreaking havoc in my life.  After several failed attempts to quit on my own I joined a men's small group that focused on my issues.  Being "frozen" for decades, it wasn't until my brain "thawed" that I was open to the gospel. I properly understood it, and by God’s grace I then claimed it for myself in repentance and faith.  This was the void I had been trying to fulfill through my own means for way too long. Now, more than a decade later, God has remained faithful, merciful, and patient with this sinner. I am humbly reminded daily that, through his grace, Christ's power in me is made perfect in my weakness (1 Corinthians 12:9). Through His grace, He is transforming this pile of dry bones into a soldier for his Kingdom!


Keri Hamilton: I had the blessing of growing up in a Christian home and knowing the Lord from a young age. However, a real turning point in my faith came when God showed me how often I relied on my own knowledge to get through life. I saw how often I sought to have full control in my life. After learning the hard way, I began to see how important it is to seek wise counsel from God's people. I had never pursued discipleship before, so I was initially afraid of opening up to mentors. However, God soon humbled my heart, and I began to surround myself with people of mature faith who would disciple me. I found that I wasn't falling into the same mistakes that I had before when I was trying to direct my faith completely alone. I realized then how important it was to have mentors and people building into me to keep my faith in check. God has shown me the beauty of mentorship and discipleship, of iron sharpening iron (Proverbs 27:17). I can't do without it now!