Luke 23:34

Jesus Christ and Adam


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Sunday, November 27, 2016
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Pastor to People: 

I thank my God in all my remembrance of you (Philippians 1:3).

There are many sisters and brothers in the faith who have gone to be with the Lord and for whom I give thank. One such sister is Rose Redmond, who passed from this life into the next earlier this fall. Here are two excerpts from what I shared at her memorial service:

  • I first met Rose when I was an undergraduate at Princeton attending Westerly Road Church. I met a lot of people at Westerly Road during those student years; Rose was a standout. In the few conversations that I had with her, I was struck by her strong and convictional faith in Jesus. Her husband had recently died, and she told me about her loss. As best I can remember, she was the first Christian I had ever spoken to about the death of a loved one and the hope of the resurrection. Her sure and certain faith in Christ and the life to come really formed my faith as new Christian.
  • For over 15 years, Rose served as the Treasurer of Westerly Road Church. She combined reliability with integrity and accuracy, and all of those with a strong faith in God as provider. I liked those years when she was     Treasurer. They were formative years for me as pastor of the church. And Rose was always there to give me sane spiritual advice about the budget and encouragement to trust God with our church’s finances.

Rose’s granddaughter, Phoebe Redmond, wrote a beautiful poetic tribute to Rose. I quote from it:

I love Grandmom. Daddy says I am going to love Grandmom the rest of my life. I miss Grandmom and I miss having Grandmom around.

I helped Grandmom with doing crossword puzzles in the newspaper every day.

I helped Grandmom wash and dry the dishes and put them away.

I miss Grandmom and I still love Grandmom. Daddy says I am going to continue to love and miss her.

Grandmom did not like fireworks and Grandmom did not like thunderstorms. Grandmom and I held hands when it happened.

Dad, Mom and I are going to miss Grandmom a lot. Daddy says it is okay to cry.


Thank you, Phoebe. And Lord, thank you for Rose.