Romans 8:1-4

Jesus Christ is our Righteousness: through him God advances righteousness and justice in the Church and in the world.


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Sunday, January 14, 2018
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In order that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us (Romans 8:4).

If you trusted Christ as Savior and Lord, you are called to live his righteousness in this present age. Learning about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King has helped me in this calling. My wife, Karen, offers thoughts on a readable biography of Dr. King:

April 4, 2018, marks fifty years since Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered in Memphis, TN. It seems fitting that, in the month that we honor Dr. King, I review a biography. Winner of both the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Book and the Christopher Awards, Let the Trumpet Sound, by Stephen B. Oates, presents King as a real and admirable leader. It shows his challenges and triumphs, and details how, against great odds, he changed American history. 


Choosing a book about King’s life is no easy task. King himself wrote a number of autobiographical works. In addition, King biographies abound. In my quest, I started by reading Taylor Branch’s Parting the Waters, the first volume of a 3000-page trilogy. It is excellent, it is formidable. For this review, I recommend the much shorter biography by Oates, since it is both accessible and, at least by comparison, “concise.”


Oates’ biography is a well-researched chronological study of King’s life, starting from his birth and moving steadily through his non-violent campaigns, all the way to his untimely death. We meet King’s friends and foes. We see the relentless schedule he kept as he battled prejudice in South and North, as he stood against both black and white violence, and as he wavered between doubt and confidence. We also see how the backdrop of Vietnam War politics, Civil Rights debates, family needs, and a growing Black Power movement influenced King’s campaigns.


Dr. King heard the call of God and continued relentlessly towards the goal of bringing justice to his people and equality to his nation.  Fifty years later, his vision is closer but not achieved. We do well to listen to his heart and learn from his example.


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