Galatians 3:10-24

Jesus Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law by becoming a curse in our place.

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Sunday, November 4, 2018
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Know those who lead you (1 Thessalonians 5:12).

I am thrilled to introduce our guest for the upcoming GO! Weekend, Saturday evening and Sunday morning, November 10 and 11. His name is Christel Ngnambi, and here he is in his own words:

As a Belgian of Cameroonian origin, I have spent most of my life processing the conundrum of identity and belonging. I grew up singing Cameroon’s national anthem and learning about my parents’ tribe, its roots and ancestry. But I also embraced Belgian culture by speaking all its languages (to some degree) and enjoying its food, humor, lifestyle and the national soccer team. But I kept returning to the same question: Who am I, really?

I found the answer when I became a Christian: the deep relational knowledge that God is my Father and that he loves me. And I also came to see that identity and belonging are significant issues for many people, communities and nations.

God used my grappling to guide my studies in politics and my professional work in European and global engagement. For twelve years, I had the opportunity to serve as the Brussels Representative of the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA), where I met with Arab League officials in Cairo and trained European Union diplomats on international religious freedom.

God also helped me see my hometown in a new light. Brussels has always been a diverse city: it has the biggest Muslim population by percentage among European capitals. In my town, Christians and Muslims go to the same schools, restaurants and community centers. Over the years, there was brewing concern about the small but growing number of radicalized young Muslims that were hostile to our way of life.

But, something new is happening: many Christians are feeling a heavy burden to share our lives and the Good News with friends and neighbors. I am convinced that this is God’s way of loving the people, communities and nations living in Brussels.  

Understanding Jesus’ centrality has been the single most satisfactory and fulfilling experience in my faith. In Christ, I found the most secure and complete identity one could ever find. It is my wish that the upcoming GO! Weekend will be an opportunity for everyone to experience this for themselves.

Church notes: 


Filming in Progress: This Sunday Sean Schools will be filming around the church. You'll see him in the services, in the Atrium, in children, youth, and adult Sunday school classes. The footage is for a Stone Hill Church promotional video. It will be used in-house and publicly. If you don't wish to be filmed, please avoid the camera or contact the church office. Parents, let your child's teacher know if you do not want them to be filmed.

Members of Stone Hill are encouraged to nominate Elders and Deacons: You must be a church member to nominate and all nominees must be church members. To nominate, fill out the form found in the Westerly Prayer Chapel, and place it in the Nomination Box, bring it by the church office, or email your nominees to All nominations will need to be in by November 19.

Prayer & Praise Service: We will gather in the sanctuary for a one-hour service on November 18 at 5:30 p.m. Its purpose is for God’s people to offer thanks to God together. We’ll sing and hear testimonies from one another of how good God has been. As is our custom, we will have our annual collection for our Benevolence Fund.

Crock-Pot Potluck Dinner: A potluck dinner will follow at 6:30 p.m. in Harris Hall, allowing us unhurried time to enjoy rich fellowship and good food. Make your favorite crock-pot dish (serves 10-12 people) or bring a dessert or side dish to share. Contact for more information. Hope to see you there!

Casseroles Needed for ISI Christmas Banquet: International Students (ISI) ministry is holding their Annual Christmas Banquet on Saturday, December 1. They are asking for 20 casseroles to be provided by Stone Hill Church.

· Suggested casseroles: chicken, beef, turkey, vegetable, rice and potato

· Size: 10-12 servings each casserole

· Label the dish "ISI" and include heating instructions

· Bring casserole in a disposable dish

· Not needed: dessert, salad and dinner rolls

· Deliver to Stone Hill Church kitchen before noon on December 1. If this proves to be difficult, it can be placed in the freezer at church earlier in the week and thawed on Friday.

· Contact Connie Darrow at with questions

John & Aruna Desai with International Students ministry share the good news of Jesus Christ to international students at Princeton University. This is their 41st Annual Christmas banquet. For more information about ISI, please visit their website at

Stone Hill Science: This new group is starting regular monthly meetings with lectures from engineers/scientist-interested in the science-Christianity interface. Prof. Ian Hutchinson (MIT) will provide a lecture related to his recently published book entitled Can a Scientist Believe in Miracles? on Saturday, December 1.

Men’s Freedom Group: Meets on Friday nights at 7 p.m. The Freedom Group is a support and encouragement group for  men committed to a lifestyle of sexual integrity through the power of the gospel by addressing the lies of our sex-saturated society and its impact on our hearts.  We know that we need each other.  Do you need a few brothers, who understand, to walk with you confidentially in your struggle?  To learn more, contact

Extended Family: We are overjoyed  to have Fran Harris as our November 14th guest speaker. After raising her family, the Lord began to tug her heart to minister to unwanted babies. Her testimony is  touching, convicting, as well as challenging. You will not want to miss it. Lunch begins at 11:30 a.m. Everyone is invited.