Galatians 6:6-10

God made each of us, and every other human being, in his own image.

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Sunday, January 27, 2019
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The Resurrection of Christ and Death as an Enemy of Human Dignity

In the middle of the culture wars regarding the value of human life, Christians do well to remember that the various battles are not just skirmishes. To explain what I mean, I excerpt from a blog entry by Russell Moore. Moore, who spoke at Stone Hill’s 2017 TGC Conference, is a journalist and ethicist.


These battles are an expression of one of the biggest religious alternatives to historic, orthodox Christianity in our world today. No, it’s not atheism or Islam. It’s Death itself.

The well crafted arguments in favor of ending life for others depend on the idea that death is just a natural part of life. There’s nothing necessarily evil or broken about it. So if one cannot bear the burden of an immobile body, an unwanted child, or an unresponsive spouse, you can just ease the transition from consciousness to annihilation. But that’s not just a political position. It is a religion.


We must remember that the root issue here is not ideological or political. It is far more ancient than that. The issue really isn’t about scientific disputes as to whether or not the fetus is biologically human, or what kind of brain wave activity constitutes life. The real issue is what the Wisdom of God tells us—“All who hate me love death” (Prov. 8:36). That means abortion and euthanasia are not mean. They are part of an ongoing guerilla insurgency against the image of the Creator himself.

The cult of death means that Christians need to think through what it means to follow a resurrected Messiah. The Book of Hebrews points to the core of the gospel, that the very Word of God took on our humanity so that “through the power of death he might destroy the one who has the power of death, that is, the devil, and deliver all those who through fear of death were subject to lifelong slavery” (Heb 2:15-15). This means we need to stop trying to domesticate death. We need to learn to view it the way Jesus himself does—as an enemy to be destroyed.

[Pastor Matt]: And, hallelujah, the Risen Christ has indeed destroyed it!!!


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