Women's Ministry


Our Women’s Ministry brings women together into relationships centered in Jesus Christ. Our goal is to equip women to live out Jesus’ call to live fruitful lives and so prove we are his disciples. If you are not yet involved:

Events & Ministries

We have several regular events and ministries of special interest to women in the church:

  • Our prayer shawl ministry provides an opportunity to knit and pray together. First-time beginners to seasoned experts gather for congregants in need of prayer and encouragement, and for those served by the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. Contact us if you would like to join, or know of someone who would appreciate our prayers and gifts.
  • We have discontinued hosting Baby showers, but have assembled a beautiful Welcome Baby basket that we are eager to give to new moms.  If you know of a new mom, please contact the office!
  • Our congregation regularly prepares meals to support congregants during life-changing events. Contact us if you can cook or would like to partner with a pro.
  • Our Special Needs Ministry pairs men and women with those who could use a faithful friend, and/or help with simple tasks. This can be as an extra helper in a Sunday School classroom, or in homes during the week.

These studies are being offered this year:

TUESDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY welcomes women from Stone Hill as well as many other churches for an in-depth study of Scripture and small group support and prayer.  This year, we are studying the amazing Gospel of John.  John wrote his Gospel so that we might believe in Christ, and have life in His name.  And that is just our goal this year!  Begins September 17th at 9:30am.  Large group teaching time and small groups for discussion and prayer.  Free childcare for children ages 5 and under.  


THURSDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY offers a smaller format with intense study of the Book of Revelation.  Thursday mornings 10am to 11:15 in the church Library.  Begins September 19th.   This unique book of apocalyptic prophecy reveals the heavenly perspective of the consummation of all things in Jesus Christ and is a bold proclamation of the ultimate and final victory of Jesus Christ. Come and learn to love the Savior and say, "Come, Lord Jesus!". 


BIBLE STUDY FELLOWSHIP has begun a satelite study at Stone Hill that meets on Tuesday evenings from 7-8:30pm beginning September 10th.   This year's study is the Book of Acts and several letters of the apostles.  Learn more about BSF by this link http://www.bsfinternational.org.  

PRECEPT UPON PRECEPT STUDY -  This new I Peter - How to Stand Firm When Tested begins January 15th 9:30am - noon in our  Adult Education Room.  Each week requires approximately five hours of homework per week.  DVD teaching and discussion period.  Questions?  Contact amy.sjostrom@gmail.com.

Resources for Women who are...

Facing persistent struggles and personal crises

Stone Hill provides extensive support to its congregants, from conversation and prayer with a care team member to professional counseling. Read more on the care needs page.

Facing conflict

Very few people enjoy conflict, but even fewer understand that God has a way for us to walk through it that can be God-honoring. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to respond in a way that is remarkably different from the way the world deals with conflict. We also believe that conflict provides opportunities to glorify God, serve other people, and grow to be like Christ. Peacemaker Ministries provides excellent guides and topical articles for each step of the process.  We also have trained conciliators at the church to help you in the midst of conflict.  Contact the office to learn more.

Facing emotional or physical trial

Our care team and counselors come alongside congregants to provide support, comfort and counseling.  Please contact the church office to learn more.

In addition, we regularly offer Healing Groups based on the wonderful program of the American Bible Society, Healing the Wounds of Trauma.  Look for announcements in the church bulletin for upcoming groups or contact Mary at the church office.

Facing or seeking to recover from domestic abuse

Most often, we think of violence as physical, but particularly in our part of the country, abuse can be verbal. The natural reaction is confusion and self-doubt. Just knowing where to look or who to talk to can be difficult:

  • Rave is an "initiative that seeks to bring knowledge and social action together to assist families of faith impacted by abuse." They provide extensive resources for women and those drawing alongside them.
  • When Love Hurts, Understanding and Healing Domestic Abuse is a four part series which "pulls back the curtain on the dark secret of abuse and offers hope and help to those caught in its painful cycle."
  • If you need immediate information, help or shelter, up to and including a place for women and children to stay the night, Mercer County's WomanSpace can be reached 24 hours a day at (609) 394-9000. During normal business hours, consider calling their main line at (609) 394-2532 and asking to speak with their chaplain, Susan Victor.

  • If you just want to talk with someone who understands, The National Abuse Hotline number is 1-800-799-SAFE.

Facing a Crisis Pregnancy

For some women, a pregnancy is a crisis. If you or someone you love finds herself in this difficult situation, you will find loving support and real help by contacting ChoiceOne at 1-800-395-HELP.