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In seeking to Know God, we dig deeper into God’s Word through a variety of classes and Bible studies hosted throughout the week. From casual discussions about the Sunday sermon to in-depth, college-level theology courses, Stone Hill Church offers many great opportunities to connect with one another and grow in your knowledge of the Scriptures.

Sunday Morning Adult Education

Winter Session – February 11-March 24 | 10:30-11:15 a.m.

Jesus’s Death and Resurrection

Taught by Jim Neumann | Sanctuary

Two thousand years ago, Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave three days later. These two events are the essence of the Christian faith; without them, there would be no such thing as Christianity. But what do they mean? What does Scripture say about them? What do we know about Jesus’s death and resurrection historically, and how do we know? Join us as we discuss both what happened two thousand years ago and why it matters forever.

Wise Use of Technology: Galatians 5

Taught by Family Ministries | Harris Hall

YouTube, TikTok, video games, social media–technology can be a helpful tool and an unhealthy influence. Since we can’t avoid it, how can we be wise in our use of technology? We will explore Galatians 5 together, seeking God’s guidance in creating healthy boundaries and sustainable habits for us and our families.

Considering Following Christ?

Led by Geoff Sackett | Adult Education Room

If you are considering following Christ, join us in this semester-long class where we will discover who Jesus is and what difference it makes to our lives. Members and/or regular attenders of Stone Hill are welcome to attend if they bring a friend who is considering following Christ, as the focus of the facilitator will be on engaging our curious friends in discussion. Please contact the facilitator, Geoff Sackett, if you have any questions.

Chinese Connection

Facilitated by Sharon Marshall | Ristuccia Library

Hispanic Ministry Class

Facilitated by Shirley DeCicco & Martha Acosta | Office Conference Room


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Bible Studies

There are many other opportunities to dig into God’s Word throughout the week. Check out some of the other opportunities to see if one might be right for you!

Men’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

Small Groups

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RightNow Media offers a host of classes for all ages. In addition, Stone Hill’s membership and baptism classes are offered on demand through RightNow Media. Create your RNM profile today!

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