Global Outreach

Since the founding of Stone Hill Church in 1956, Global Outreach has been an integral part of our DNA. Today, we support more than 30 missionary groups (families and organizations) working to fulfill the Great Commission.

Engage the World


Short Term Missions

Through our short-term mission program, we send groups to the field to accomplish specific projects. Trips range from regional to international and the teams work hand-in-hand with our Global Partners.

GO Ambassador Initiative

The GO Ambassador Initiative is designed to encourage our Global Partners and build a stronger connection between them and the congregation. In teams of two, congregants from Stone Hill visit our Global Partners in the field and then share a report with the congregation after they return to Princeton.

Vocation-Sharing Trips

A Vocation-Sharing trip is a specialized one–opening a way for congregants to share their vocational skills with our Global Partners. A Global Partner identifies a need and contacts SHC for assistance. The GO Team sends qualified volunteer(s) from Stone Hill to the Global Partner. The volunteer(s) will use their skills to meet the Global Partner’s need.

GO Team

The Global Outreach team is looking for new members. The team’s primary purpose is to assist the Elder Board in the administration of missions at Stone Hill, which encompasses a range of duties.