Local Outreach

We are committed to reaching out and serving in our community. We have the God-given responsibility to love our neighbors by caring for their spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. We are committed to sharing the love of Jesus that has changed our lives with others. 

Thanksgiving Baskets: On Sunday, November 19, we are collecting Thanksgiving Dinner baskets for the Transformation Church outreach program and those in our neighborhood who are in need. We particularly encourage Stone Hill small groups to participate in this project as a group. To make a basket, supply the items listed at the Welcome Desk in a basket (wicker basket, laundry basket, or a sturdy box work great). The baskets will be collected at the table in front of the Westerly Prayer Chapel through November 19. Our goal this year is to collect 40 baskets.

Here are some suggestions of what  a basket might contain... 

  • Shop Rite gift card for turkey, suggested amount of $25 (no frozen turkeys, please) 
  • Canned vegetables, fruit and cranberry sauce (no glass or perishables) 
  • Dry boxed mashed potatoes and stuffing mix 
  • Fruit juice 
  • Dessert Items 
  • Other items to make Thanksgiving special (non-perishable food items)

Selected Initiatives:

  • Loving Our Neighbor: ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of Trenton.
  • Follow up with women recently released from prison     
  • Stone Hill Arts Series: engaging the faith through the arts.
  • Acorn Glen/ PCC: This group reaches out to residents of Acorn Glen assisted living and Princeton Care Center.

Outreach happens best through relationships and relationships form around common interests. If you are interested in serving in any of these areas or want to know about other ongoing initiatives, or would like to start an outreach ministry based on a special interest or need, we would love to hear your ideas. Please send an email to outreach@stonehillprinceton.org or call the SHC office at 609-924-3816.