Anger Inventory: James 4:6-10

November 1, 2022 | Tracy Troxel

James 4 helps us to understand what causes our anger and also how to deal with our anger in a biblical manner. Think about the last time you were angry and work through these four questions as you inventory your anger.

  1. What were the circumstances that led to your anger?
  2. What did you do and say when you were angry?
  3. What desire (or anti-desire) was blocked that formed the heart of your anger?
  4. What desire, if it had been ruling your heart, would have helped lessen your anger?

This kind of self-reflection can help you become a person that is slower to anger. We are often more vulnerable to anger when we experience trials. After reflecting, remember to take James 4:6-10 and work through these verses and apply them to your disordered heart.