How Do We Solve the Problem?

July 30, 2021 | Tracy Troxel

On Tuesday, I wrote about the problems of having children and youth ‘de-churched’ and adults not getting enough biblical teaching. I’d encourage you to read that post to gain the context for this one.

How do we solve these problems?

First, we will need to commit to worshipping together in a multi-generational worship service. This is foundational. Hearing God’s Word and responding to God’s grace together is essential in creating a multi-generational discipling community.

Second, we will need to commit to the Sunday School hour and biblical education for all ages. This means that we are asking that you give us 2.5 hours on a Sunday morning. For most of a 168-hour week, we are bombarded with a narrative of life that contradicts the biblical narrative of life. Committing more of our time to biblical education reminds and teaches us what God’s purposes and plans are for ourselves and the world.

Third, it will take many of us to serve on Sundays. Christ calls us to love the church through service. We hope that many adults will take advantage of the expanded adult education offerings. But we also hope that a number of adults will volunteer throughout the church (Sunday school, hospitality, etc.). Rather than have the bare minimum of volunteers in Sunday school, we are hoping that we have more than needed to connect and have personal relationships with the next generation. We also want to have youth and adults involved in a number of ways during the services (worship service team, front door team, support positions, etc.).

Finally, a schedule change in and of itself cannot turn us into a healthy, interactive, multi-generational church. Only the Holy Spirit can change us. So, learning to connect with each other in meaningful ways and across generational lines will require a cultural shift in our community. It’s much bigger than just a schedule change.

We are hopeful that you will begin now to help us make this vision come to fruition. We are also eager to hear your feedback about our plans. Join us at one of two upcoming town hall meetings:

Family Town Hall Meeting – Sunday, August 1 | Just after the 10:30 service (In-person and on Zoom)

All Church Town Hall Meeting – Tuesday, August 3 | 7:00 p.m. (Zoom)

Feedback and questions are also welcome by emailing the church office.