James: Week 2

September 19, 2022 | Tracy Troxel

James 1:13-18

  • Are you tempted to blame God when your life is filled with disappointments and challenges?
  • Do you expect that your life should go reasonably well now that you are following Jesus? Why? Why not?
  • Verses 14 & 15 indicate that sin comes out of our own desires and that sin is destructive. Do you view your sin as destructive to you and everyone around you?
  • Since every good gift is from God, what can you thank God for right now?

Colossians 3:15-17

  • Paul alerts us to the fact that in Christ our old self has been put off. In other words, we are new people by the power of the gospel.
  • Paul then exhorts us to put off the behavior of our old selves and live consistently with who we are now in Jesus.
  • This gospel identity is crucial in our struggle against present temptation and sin.

Genesis 3:1-20

  • This text is a good reminder of how sin came into the world and how sin is destructive to every relationship and area of life.

Matthew 5:28-30

  • This text refers to the sin of adultery and impurity.
  • The text details how we should take sin seriously and deal with it decisively.
  • Too often, we put up with our sin rather than dealing with decisively in the power of the Holy Spirit.

James 1:19-26

  • Preview of sermon text for September 25th.
  • This is the first part of what it means to ‘Quick Hearers”.