James: Week 5

October 7, 2022 |

James 2:14-26

  • This is a tough passage, but I believe it is very helpful for us.
  • Why is it not effective to say to someone in faith, “Go in peace, be warmed and fed” without giving them the necessary provisions of food, shelter, and clothes?
  • In vs. 18-19 an objector is introduced. What do you think the objector is trying to say?
  • V. 24 is challenging for us because it says, “You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone.” However, we believe that the only way a person can be justified is by faith alone in Christ apart from works.
    • What in the text would help you see that there is no conflict between what James is saying and what Paul says in Romans 4:1-5?
  • The illustration in v. 26 is very important. The body without the spirit is dead, so also faith apart from works is dead.
    • When Adam received the spirit from God, what animated the body?
    • Faith is compared to the body and obedience (works) are compared to the spirit.
      • What animates our faith according to this verse?

Romans 6:1-13

  • This great text shows us that because of Christ has accomplished in us through death, burial and resurrection. We are to live consistently with the new person that God has made us to be.
  • What does Paul exhort believers to do? How are they to obey based on their new gospel identity?

Hosea 6:6

  • What does God look for?

Luke 9:23-25

  • Believing all the right things, worshipping in church are all good things. What does Jesus call us to do?

James 3:1-12

  • Prepare for the sermon on October 9.