James: Week 7

October 24, 2022 | Tracy Troxel

James 3:13-18

  • Selfish ambition and jealousy, according to James, cause disorder and every vile practice.
    • Why and how do selfish ambition and jealousy cause these major problems?
  • The wisdom from above is:
    • Pure
    • Peaceable
    • Gentile
    • Open to Reason
    • Full of mercy and good fruits
    • Impartial
    • Sincere
  • Which of these qualities is more difficult for you to exhibit? Why?
  • Peacemakers create an environment for a harvest of righteousness.
    • Why is that?
    • Is it difficult for you to be a peacemaker?
    • Why or why not?

Philippians 2:1-11

  • Jesus Christ is the model of humility and self-giving love.
  • How can looking at Jesus help you learn to move from jealousy and self-ambition to being a person who pours their life out for others?
  • What does it mean when Paul says, “count others as more significant than you”?
  • We tend to overlook the sins of jealousy and self-ambition.  Why?
  • How does the gospel deliver us from our preoccupation with self?

Genesis 37:12-38

  • This is a long story of how Joseph’s brothers, in jealousy, sold Joseph into servitude.
  • What were all the effects of this sin?  Make sure to name all the people affected.

Luke 2:41-52

  • This is a great story of Jesus as a ‘teenager’.
  • What is amazing about this story is that Jesus seems to understand his divine mission and his parents seem to be confused.
  • In spite of this Jesus was submissive to this parents.
  • Luke finishes off the story be stating that Jesus increased in wisdom.
  • How is wisdom connected to submission?

James 4:1-12

  • Read James 4:1-12 in anticipation of next week’s sermon.