James: Week 8

October 28, 2022 | Tracy Troxel

James 4:1-12

  • James teaches us that our anger is caused by disordered desires.
  • What are the disordered desires that lie at the root of your common expressions of anger?
    • Even a good desire that becomes too important can be the source of your anger.
  • Another cause for anger is when we adopt a worldly perspective that puts us (functionally) as an enemy of God.
    • What worldly pursuit or perspective puts you in a position to be angry?
  • Humility is also a remedy for anger. When we admit our complete dependence on God, we are able deal with our anger.
    • Why is that so?
  • James calls ‘angry’ believers to repent, weep and be cleansed by God.
    • Why is repentance an antidote to anger?
  • What can help you to curb your natural tendency to judge your brothers and sisters in Christ?

Ephesians 4:29-32

  • What can motivate us to forgive others when we are tempted to stay angry with them?
  • Why does God’s grace in Christ help us to forgive?

Numbers 20:2-13

  • This is a great story of how Moses lost his temper before Israel and God.
  • What does God give as the motivation for Moses’ anger?
  • What were the consequences of Moses’ anger?

Matthew 5:21-26

  • According to Jesus’ words in this passage, anger can become what sin?
  • A lack of forgiveness can be a sign of unresolved anger.
    • What happens to someone who cannot forgive and deal with their anger?

James 4:13-18

  • Read James 4:13-18 to prepare for the sermon on November 6.