Managing Change

October 10, 2022 | Andrew Zakhari

For many, fall is the beginning of new opportunities and a return to familiar routines: a new school year, the end of summer vacation, a return to the office post-COVID, etc. There is  an increase in daily activity and detailed schedules just to keep pace with life demands. These fall changes are important to note because of the trend to put aside spiritual growth and activity for our pressing desires and scheduled life demands. 

This need not be the case. Spending the day with God has more to do with our ability to live intentionally. Intentional living is paying attention to God’s presence all throughout the day and using bits of time to attend to God without any distraction. 

The Puritan pastor, Richard Baxter (1615-1691) wrote a thorough manual on living the Christian life called The Christian Directory. Tim Keller called this 17th century work: “The greatest book of biblical counseling ever produced.” In one section, Baxter chronicles “How to Spend the Day with God.” You may be thinking, is such a thing possible with all the unending activity that fall brings? The short answer is, “Yes!” 

Using Baxter’s insights, I will share with you a three part series of blog posts on how to spend the day with God even in the busy seasons of life. For clarity’s sake, this series will split the day into thirds. The first blog post is “Spending time with God in the morning,” followed by “Spending time with God in the Workplace,” and lastly “Ending the day with God.” I hope this series will help to inspire you, so that you can spend the day with God.