Weekly Bulletin

Mar. 7

Redemption in Broad Daylight - Ruth 4:1-12

Jesus, the Redeemer of the church, never forgets His people. 

Discussion Questions

  • What do you make of the fact that the nearest kinsman-redeemer is not named in the story (His name is not remembered in the Scriptures)?
    • Briefly look up the following passages and look at what God does remember: Exodus 2:24; Matthew 26:13; Acts 10:31. 
    • What does this tell us about the character of God? 
  • Boaz takes up Naomi and Ruth’s cause the next day after his encounter with Ruth. What does this say about Boaz? 
    • What, if any, parallels do you see between what Boaz did for Ruth and what Christ has done and is doing for the church?    
  • Elimelech and Mahlon are almost forgotten in the story until Boaz’s speech. Why is this significant?
    • Are there seasons in your life you have felt forgotten by God, only to discover that he has never forgotten you in your trials? 
    • How do you make sense of experiences of God’s absence in your life?
    • Read John 14:18-22. Jesus will soon leave the world, yet he states that his disciples will see him. 
      • In what ways do we see Jesus now (v. 21) even though he is physically absent from us?
      • How does this truth comfort us in challenging times?