What Is An Elder?

July 15, 2022 | Alex Feng

One of the ambitions that we have in 2022 as both the Stone Hill staff and elder board is to improve relationships and interactions between the elder board and the congregation.

In view of that, you may have noticed a few things in 2022, including a more visible role of elders in Sunday services and a refocus on engaging with members in the Parish system; These are decent first steps but we do have more planned throughout the year. It may or may not be a surprise, but questions we often hear are – what exactly does an elder do at Stone Hill, how does the elder system work, what does it mean for me, and. . .who are the elders anyway?  Fair enough – so we’re going to use the blog over the next few months to help make headway on these questions.

First off – what does an elder do?  To help answer that question (and some related ones), Tracy and I had a brief discussion on these points in the video below.  We’ll address some of the other frequent questions in future videos, but do let us know in the video comments if there are any questions on this topic that you’d like us to address!